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Many growing families outgrow the size of their homes. Instead of packing up to move somewhere else, some families are looking outside-the-box for more living space in the homes they currently own. If there is no room to spare on the lower levels, consider remodeling your attic to get the desired extra room. Currently, attic conversions are a growing trend across the country. Converting your attic is simple with the help of a professional remodeling contractor that specializes in attic remodels. It is amazing to see these once dusty and dreary places transform into a gorgeous usable space that is ideally suited to the family living there.

Some attics have been neglected for many years. It is not uncommon for homeowners wanting to convert this space to run into a lot of unexpected problems. Older attics might not have enough insulation to keep the area warm. There may be unfinished walls, ceilings or floors that would need upgrading. Another dangerous problem is exposed wiring that may need rewired. Roofs above the attic may have leaks that have caused moisture and even mold to create structural damage. Hiring a skilled contractor that has a background in attic remodels is the best, safest and fastest bet.

Contractors with the necessary training can get an attic remodel job finished in a short period of time. These specialists will be able to assess any other problem in the space that includes water or mold damage, improper ventilation, structural issues, damaged roofs and more. If the contractor doesn’t perform all of these jobs, he/she can get a professional that does have the experience. This is a much easier way to ensure the work is completed properly. Good contractors will have many other local business connections for just such jobs.

Consider creating a bedroom area where the attic is currently. This is perfect for teens or older kids. Some homeowners make a spare guest room in the attic. Many homeowners create areas with double purposes. A craft room could also be a home office. A game room can transform into storage spaces. There are wonderful attic remodeling ideas. Homeowners can customize the space into anything that is desired. Attics that have dormers can fit built in storage spots underneath cushioned seating benches. For the best results, and for more creative attic remodel ideas, contact a professional attic contractor talented in customized remodels.

Homeowners wondering about the cost of such a remodeling job should consider that their home value will increase with a professional attic remodel. Finishing this area can also save on energy costs if the attic was losing hear due to faulty or no insulation. The sky is the limit on what is created in an attic area. Some have made beautiful music rooms, and others have created a play area for kids. It could become an exercise room, home theater, art studio and practically anything else. If the attic area is dark, skylights or more windows can be installed. It helps to use natural light toned woods or lighter colored paints on walls and floors.

Anyone wanting to convert their attic into a magnificent space that is useful should contact a competent remodeling contractor. Search for online businesses able to locate the right remodeling professional.