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Since the world is now engulfed by the internet, the amount of cables that are placed around the Earth is staggering. Citizens across the planet expect a reliable connection to the internet at all times. The amount of convenience provided to this world is often understated as a lot of work goes into keeping these technologies running appropriately. One aspect of the internet and data transferring that is often overlooked involves how cables are managed in tunnels. With distributed acoustic sensing (DAS), managing cables that have been placed in tunnels has become much easier for individual organizations. Many organizations are probably not aware of these new developments, but this technology could potentially revolutionize how these processes are performed.

Understanding Tunnel Cable Monitoring

When cables intended for the transfer are laid down, those responsible hope that these cables last for an extended period. Since nature is an unpredictable force, wires placed in tunnels often experience unintended forms of damage. With this said, they are also difficult to reach since they are often buried and not easily accessible. With DAS, companies can use a form of thermal rating that takes place in real-time to monitor these cables. DAS is still a relatively new form of technology, but it will surely be around for quite some time.