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If you have kids, you know it is no easy task to keep them occupied sometimes. School breaks are anticipated eagerly, but after the first couple of days, the first complaint is boredom. You can use the extra space in your home to create a fun playroom where kids will want to spend hours. Adding the right elements can even encourage learning without the kids even realizing that is what is happening.

Create a Ball Pit

You have likely taken your children to ball pits at pizza places or perhaps you rented one for a birthday party. Create one in an area of the room you are turning into a playroom. The kids will have fun just rolling around in the balls or it can be used for games such as scavenger hunts.

Exercise Can Be Part of the Fun

One of the most enjoyable parts of going to a park is the swings. Children can enjoy their very own swing in their playroom. Not only is swinging fun, but the kids will be exercising without even knowing it. This is why companies such as Playaway Toy Company, Inc. offer a kids door swing for indoor enjoyment.

A Creative Resting Area

Kids love tents. There are smaller ones available that can be put up in one area of the playroom. The kids will love having this ‘hiding spot’ to watch a movie, color, draw, listen to music, or take a nap. Add a tunnel they can crawl through to get to the tent or purchase the two-piece tent and tunnel set.

Don’t forget the floor and the walls. Both can be transformed into fun for the kids as well. Use brightly colored square foam pieces with numbers, and arrange them in a hopscotch pattern. This is another activity that is not only fun, but the kids will be exercising. The foam pieces will protect them if they fall, as children often do, while enjoying themselves. Add a chalkboard to the wall so kids can draw, erase, and draw some more.