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Even though the thought of a construction failure is far from the minds of most project management team members, the reality exists that serious problems can arise. The use of UAV mapping is one way to assess the problems and begin finding a solution safely.

Safely Explore and Map Dangerous Areas

Drone mapping technology is the safest and surest way to access areas affected by construction failure to determine how safe the area is to enter. You can better determine areas of instability by sending in the camera on a drone and gather detailed visuals on the scene. You can view everything in real time and save the footage for later inspection. It keeps you from placing people in harms way before knowing the extent of damage and construction failure.

Accurate Insurance Estimate Information

The initial part of getting any type of insurance estimate after construction failure is to determine the extent of any damage and what the cause for the failure might have been. A drone can enter areas that are difficult for people after an event and help bring images to light that show the details needed for better estimations.

Affordable High-Risk Property Inspection Tool

Unmanned Aerial Viewing is one of the more technologically advanced ways of securing information about the property and worksheets that are high-risk for access. A drone can hover above burned areas, locations of flooding, and fallen areas of buildings that are considered risky for people at the time.

Gather Highly Detailed Information

The photo and video quality from a drone camera is highly detailed and accurate to the inch, when it comes to important measurements. The information can even turn into 3D maps, offering a realistic ability for remote viewing of any construction site problem right away.

Assess Site Risk for Better Management

A large part of construction site management is ensuring the safety of everyone present and anyone called in to assist when a failure occurs. Drone camera use and mapping allow for better assessments, decision-making, and safety for all involved.

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