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The times are always changing, and it seems as though these times are moving away from dry-cleaning being a necessary service. More and more garments are being made to be machine washed at home and many working professionals no longer need to wear clothing that is dry-clean only. This does not mean that you should just close your doors, however, because there are many ways to update your company and thrive.


One way to help update your company is to invest in automated systems. These systems can reduce the amount of time and effort go into cleaning each garment, allowing you to pass those savings on to your customers. With the right dry cleaning conveyor and the software to run it, you can even fit your company into a smaller space or add more machines for increased customer volume.


Automated systems are really only as good as the software that runs it. Luckily, there are software solutions for every aspect of your dry-cleaning company from point-of-sale to the cleaning process itself. These solutions can work together for a seamless transition and can even include automatic supplies orders and marketing solutions.


Marketing has changed dramatically in the last few years from mass marketing mailings going through the post office to social media campaigns, each technique adding to and layering with older ones. Knowing how to attract customers is as much about keeping up to date with the latest trends as it is about knowing your audience. With the right software and personnel, you can send out the same sales notifications to customers who get mailings and those who follow your social media pages.

Taking your dry-cleaning company to the next level means keeping up to date on the latest hardware, software and marketing technology. Many of these things overlap and can be controlled from a single computer with the right solutions.