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Many businesses are interested in moving in a more green direction. Doing so, could help not only the environment, but the company’s expenses and reputation. What steps should be taken? What switches help the most? Consider the following three tips as you take on this journey.

Ask for an Evaluation

The first step is simple. Call your the utility company, and ask for an audit. This is often free advice. Technicians can come out to look over the building and offer suggestions to reduce resources. Use the information to begin conservation efforts.

Conserve Electricity

Consider investing in more energy-efficient products. Purchase electronics such as computers or copy machines that use less electricity. For example, use a programmable thermostat to control temperature. When the building is unoccupied try switching the temperature to something warmer. Allow it to cool down a couple of hours before others arrive. Also, light bulbs have come a long way. If your business is still using older ones, try switching. Newer designs tend to save money and last longer. Look into LED Corn Light Denver to switch out. Have a plan to turn off electronics at the end of the day, and try to avoid extension cords.

Reduce or Replace Supplies

Sometimes waste comes from poor habits or a desire for convenience. Are you going through reams of paper often? Look at how much the company should use. Then, set a limit. Let people know you’ll only have so much each month. This will encourage employees to be mindful. Does your business use plastic bags? Consider offering an incentive for customers who bring their own cloth bags. Are you buying foam coffee cups for the break room? Ask employees to bring in their favorite mug. Have dish soap available for daily cleaning. Each of these steps reduces resources, helps the environment and saves money.

Take some time to reduce your company’s carbon footprint. It won’t happen overnight. In time, you’ll use less and save more.