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When you have a concealed carry permit and plan on taking a handgun with you, it’s important to find a concealed thigh holster that is comfortable. Particularly for women who want to wear a mid to full-length skirt, it’s important to know about the options.

Avoid Slippage

The holster that you choose cannot slip when it’s on your upper thigh. If it does, you run the risk of the gun showing to others, which ruins the idea of “concealed.” Some of the holsters are designed as a band. Other holsters are actually shorts, providing you with the thigh position without having to worry about it slipping down your leg as you move.

Have Sufficient Storage

It’s important to look at the kind of storage you will have on your thigh holster. For example, look at whether there is enough room to store an extra magazine. Exterior pockets may be available, too, allowing you to store such things as a credit card and cell phone. This maximizes what you can have on you without having to worry about a purse getting in your way when you may have to draw your gun.

Get a Good Fit

You want to get a good fit for the kind of gun that you’re carrying. Some thigh holsters are better equipped for smaller guns, such as a Glock 43 or a J-Frame revolver. Before you decide to get a holster, look at the gun you’re going to carry so that you can be sure that it will fit within the holster comfortably without being too loose or too tight.

By choosing a thigh holster, you’re able to conceal a weapon easily while being able to access it easily when needed. Simply explore the various options that are available before you choose one holster over another.