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Seeng a dentist on a routine basis is as important as seeing your doctor for a physical exam. Dentists look for subtle changes that are signs of impending problems. Many dental issues are easier and cheaper to fix when caught early. You will be glad to star a regular dental care routine when your smile continues to get brighter and healthier over time.

Has your last dental visit been more than a year?

You should be seen by a dentist every six to twelve months, ideally. It’s great to have a dentist that understands the condition of your oral health and can find problems early. It’s also the easiest way to keep your teeth whiter and in better shape.

Any Unexplained Tooth Pain or Mouth Infection

Tooth pain and sensitivity can happen from cracked teeth that expose the pulp or inner areas of the tooth, or it can be a sign of a developing cavity. Infections of the gum are usually caused by an abscess and it can be something that worsens quickly. You should always have an infection looked at quickly by a dentist to begin antibiotics.

After a Mouth or Tooth Injury

Injuries to the mouth or teeth might seem small at the time, but it can lead to infections, or you could have extensive damage that remains hidden. CRacks in the enamel of your teeth will lead to tooth decay and loss of the tooth. Your dentist can rectify many problems right away.

Noticeably Receding, Discolored, or Chronically Bleeding Gums

Quality clinics that provide a dentist Lincoln Ave Chicago area residents trust for treatment can detect any possible gum disease as it starts. Receding, bleeding, and discolored gums are all early signs that you might have a gum disease taking hold.

Regular oral care is important no matter your age or social status. You only get one set of permanent teeth, so take good care and they will last a lifetime.