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When you achieve success, what is the next thing you do? Probably look for bigger challenges and learn better. Similar is the case with rummy cards, as when you win a regular game and gain expertise, next thing on mind would be bigger competitions. Here comes the tournament format of card games, where you have to win several series of games to ultimately win the tournament.

Below given are reasons as to why play rummy tournament along with a regular game.

  1. Keeps You Excited

Sometimes the difficulty level of a game actually makes one feel more excited. The challenges keep the mind working and make the rummy game entertaining. If you are looking for such a thrill, then you should definitely try playing more and more tournaments. Here, you get to play along a number of players, who are usually experts in the card game. You can expect greater skill level displayed by players and meet your match in the opponents.

  1. Gives the Chance to Win Cash

Most of the tournaments of rummy assure points or cash for winner. If you want to make a few quick bucks, then play rummy online for cash and transfer the winning amount to your bank account, when suitable. You may even use the cash to buy tickets to other tournaments or keep those in deposit, whichever works for your interests.

  1. Makes You Know the Players

As mentioned above, you are bound to meet expert players when competing in a rummy tournament. Once you know the experienced player, if you get to play against them in a regular game, you would be at least aware of their skill-set. Thus, you would be more careful when making a move and observe their moves with greater concentration and shape you’re playing card games tactics.

  1. Understand All Rummy Variants

There are several variations to rummy. Some of these are pool rummy, points rummy, deals rummy, 10/12/21 card rummy etc. Not everyone will know all the formats of the game, but those who play tournaments usually are acquainted with all. This is because, as a pro-player, your curiosity is more than others, and this may prompt you to learn about other variations of rummy.

  1. Wins You Rewards and Benefits

Not only points and cash, but a rummy tourney can also win you other rewards. Usually a board in tournament has additional features, which you do not get in a standard cards games session. You may even get the option to unlock gifts and rewards and climb levels on the platform. The benefits would differ from one online rummy platform to another.

  1. Enhances Your Reputation on the Platform

If you have aced 13 card rummy game tournaments, many members would be already aware of your skills. Thus, you enhance your reputation on the rummy platform where you usually play. When you take on other players, they would certainly know the stakes and would regard you with respect for being an opponent, who cannot be easily defeated. Players will also look forward to challenge you and learn from the game.

If you wish to play rummy tourneys, you should download the Khelplay Rummy app and switch to practice games and individual games, and then proceed to tournaments, which will allow you to interact with experienced players, and win cash.