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Your first thought about diesel fuel is the smell. It’s not a pleasant one. Yet, diesel is still used in trucks and other commercial vehicles to power their enormous engines.

Your second thought is diesel fuel can’t be part of a clean environment. You’ve seen it through the exhaust of the trucks that pass you by on the highway. You figure something that produces that much smoke can’t be good.

You Would be Wrong

You may be thinking of older trucks and diesel fuel because today’s engine’s run much cleaner. In addition, the introduction of biodiesel, developed through vegetable or animal fats, has reduced the amount of carbon.

So, despite what you may believe, the diesel industry is trying to make headway in the environment. Especially when it comes to fuel efficiency. Overall, the more fuel actually used to power the truck, the less carbon that’s emitted.

Fuel Pump Systems

One of the ways companies like PureFlow Technologies are handling this is through a fuel pump system. Previously, fuel pump systems inadvertently mingled air and vapors with the diesel fuel. All of this got pushed to the engine.

Not only did this reduce its performance but it also cut into its fuel efficiency. Thus, more diesel gas was needed. And that meant more emissions at the pump and on the road, thus increasing the carbon footprint.

Today’s fuel pumps are trying to correct that. They work to eliminate air and vapors getting into the engine. In turn, the vehicle’s performance increases, smaller amounts of carbon are distributed into the atmosphere, and the vehicle lasts longer.

How can you Reduce Your Footprint?

If you’re an independent driver, speak to your repair shop to see if a new fuel filter can be installed. Also, ask for other ways to reduce your carbon footprint while driving your truck or another commercial vehicle.

If you work for a transportation firm, speak with someone at the company on how they are proceeding to make a good impact on the environment. In the end, everyone can do their small part.

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